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I've written and performed several solo shows. My solo work explores elements of the feminine through first person narrative of relationships, dreams and aspirations. I often write of fantasy realms where the characters can live wildest dreams in alternate realities that co-exist with the sometime hum-drum and conversely incredible every day world.

In  'The Tower of Amethyst ' Jaqueline imagines what it would be like to a Hollywood heroine in order to transform her lonely life.

'Human behaviour, an unexplained phenomenon....our undiscovered selves...It's just a journey and you never know what may happen...'

In '#Echo Variable Bianca' a woman fills her life with pleasure and sensuality only to discover she is also haunted by betrayal, decay and lies.

'Pleasure, dreams yes the end I found myself naked'

I have reinterpreted the ancient Greek fable of 'Leda and the swan' in which both beauty and terror are interwined.

'Her soft body was melting into the ground becoming one with the landscape'


Salamander’ is a one woman show partly based on the fairy tale ‘Woman with no hands’. Set tin between two worlds, an urban setting with nosey neighbours and social media, and a dark fairy tlae landscape where demons, a pear tree, and a mirror live. It tells the story of a woman who is sold to a man by her parents who are in debt. She finds herself trapped in a scary, toxic relationship as she is hidden away, controlled and moved to place to place in a van. The piece explores themes of human trafficking, violence against women. Performed by Roberta Gotti, with voiceovers by Natasha Anne Kelleher and directed by Tony Hickson. The piece includes film projections, voice over and sound.

Performed at the Cockpit theatre in London


On an urban estate a woman tells of the lives of 

people in the community.

Characters from past, present and future are connected by a 'space-time continuum'.

An invisible chain of memories, childhood games, sorrows, heart beats, bind these beings who are searching for existential liberty. A unique voice which creates a double effect both alluring and perturbing at the same time.


Rehearsal process at Conway Hall London


Live performance at the Conway Hall theatre in London as part of 'LA BELLE ET LA BETE' Festival directed by Luke Dixon. My piece Dark Desire directed by Tony Hickson.The inspiration for this performance is the magic of fairy tales and our modern obsession with perfection.

When I was a child my favourite story was snow white, but I also loved the little match girl.  Two very different tales, Snow white the heroine, her victory over the evil queen who abused  her power.  And the little match girl with a description of an altered experience, the moments before death.  Her time is  precious,  with every  match the girl lights up she realises how beautiful things are in the burning light.

We are diverse and have a different point of views. Everyone imagines differently I wonder, what does a particular fairy tale mean for you?


The phrase at the end of a fairytale is often 'and they lived happily ever after’ but what is happiness? What makes you happy? There are times when I ask myself and I don't know and have to search inside.  Creating lists has been helpful for me, there are list journals now that one can buy, or create one yourself.  They help with this process.

The power of  fairy tales carries on from childhood throughout our lives. How is a fairy tale translated into every day life? Bridging two realms, fairy tales and real life dimension. Fairy tales and myth running like an undercurrent beneath our lives. For example, we are creating our own life story-myth via social media. A quest for perfection with instagram photos. Of course only the perfect images will be published. Tiredness and other sins disguised with editing and filters. Exploring shades of colours, zooming in and out of a frame connecting with our creative selves.

Do you see perfection in your reflection or otherwise what do you see ? They say 'Love lies in the eye of the beholder'. Not so easy to always love ourselves how we really are, at least not for me anyway.




A piece dealing with uncertainty and fear of the unknown. A woman looking for new experiences is drawn into a complicated relationship with a man who works at a local bookshop. He introduces her into the works of the Marquis De Sade. Torn between the denial of pleasure and the feeling of isolation and the possibility of new adventures which she both fears and desires.


'As I took the pain, and thought of what would have pleased him - I searched deep within myself - the wounded flesh- the blue and purple of the veins beneath the skin'.


(Developed at the Face to Face Festival and performed at the White Bear Theatre)Performed in Paris at Theatre De Menilmontant as part of Dreams before Dawn Festival.


A psy-fiction comedy about a woman who lives alone in a big city, sharing private thoughts and insights on her past. Between family breakdowns, the death of her father and a failed love affair turned into a Hollywood fantasy, she develops an obsession with crystals and psychic bubbles that apparently allows her to astral travel!
Conveyed with humour yet moving, “Tower of Amethyst” is a contemporary tale of aspiration, inspiration and big city hopelessness.

TOWER OF AMETHYST was performed at the BUSSEY BUILDINGS as part of PLATFORM and recently at the CONWAY HALL as part of the GOING SOLO event.

Watch 'Tower of Amethyst' trailer 



A personal contemporary take on the classical Greek tale of Leda and the Swan from Ovid's Metamorphoses.

Roberta takes you on a journey to a mythical place exploring a powerful feminine myth of seduction, sensuality and war.



THE MYTH OF LEDA AND THE SWAN was performed at the TRISTAN BATES THEATRE as part of AN EVENING OF STORIES event and at the 'FRESH BLOOD AND GUTS' event at the Miller SE1




'Descending into a new world, dancing in the streets of the city, those dark and mysterious places.'

Roberta 's  interdisciplinary piece explores the thin line between reality and illusion and the nature of being and mortality.

Part live performance, part film installation, #Echo Variable Bianca takes you onto a journey interweaving live performance, film projections and sound.

Discovering a dark and sensual world, a place of altered reality and technological/sound experimentation.

'Consciousness because it's nothingness makes you aware of the possibility of choosing what we will be,this is the condition of human freedom'

Jean Paul Sartre


Pirandello's Naked
Fassbinder's Film 'Love is colder than Death'
The Films and Jean-Luc Goddard
The Greek Myth of Arachne
Plato's theory of the Cave




Projects include 'Homeless Chic' street performance documented into a series of photos shown at 'Misfit' group show part of the Hidden Art of Hackney.
'Wild About your House', slide projections, 'Nothing is Something' group show at Gallery Valery in East London.

'Wild about your house' part of a series copyright RobertaGotti


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